Irritable Bowel Syndrome

What Indian foods can I eat if I have irritable bowel Syndrome?

  • Diet is a very important aspect of IBS. Many of the symptoms of IBS like pain, bloating and diarrhea maybe related to foods. There are a number of other mechanisms for IBS too but we will keep present discussion on food.
  • There are a group of foodstuffs known as FODMAP. These get fermented within the bowel and produce gases which in turn produce the symptoms. I am attaching a food chart for your convenience. This list if not exhaustive and you can search more on FODMAP diet on the internet.
  • Now this diet is very restrictive in the Indian scenario and it is difficult to adhere to it on a long term basis. I suggest you start cutting whatever you can and slowly re-start one item at a time till you can tolerate. This will be on a trial and error basis till you yourself discover your comfort level.

Since last two years, I am suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. I have taken lots of medication of allopathy and ayurvedic but it did not have any affect in my condition. I'm tired of medicine now. What should I do?

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is very common condition. The severity of IBS can vary from mild, moderate and severe. Based in your description, you have moderate or severe IBS.
  • IBS is a very “heterogenous” problem. It means, there is no single cause in all patients that explains the symptoms and there is no universal cure. What works in one patient may not work in the next. You may need to explore more options before you find what suits you the best.
  • Fortunately, there are a ton of options now available.
  • There is a brain-gut axis. A connection between your abdomen and your brain which carries signals both ways. So, e.g. an upset stomach can cause depressed mood and frustration and on the other hand anxiety and lead to heartburn and constipation.
  • Using only medicines that target your gut may not be sufficient and you may need to target both the brain and gut together for more effectiveness. Also, don't rely on medicines alone. You have to try relaxation, exercises and dietary changes also.
  • Seek the help of an expert to guide you in this journey of IBS.